Ferne Kornfeld


Commercial Finance Consultant. Business Owner. Home Cook.

Ferne Kornfeld, based in Palm Beach, Florida, is Commercial Finance Consultant and Principal at Value Capital Funding, a commercial finance firm specializing in debt restructuring. Prior to working in the finance industry, Ferne was a stay at home mom until her kids started school. However, as her kids started growing, she began to get more involved with her husband, Barry, and his business. Now, over two decades later, Ferne possesses a comprehensive background in investments and a deep knowledge of corporate finance.

At Value Capital Funding, Ferne and Barry are able to help fill a niche that wasn’t previously being offered enough. Many companies apply for more loans when they are already over-leveraged when, in reality, what they are genuinely seeking to lower their debt payments…in other words…debt restructuring. Through their business, Ferne Kornfeld and her husband are able to help companies and businesses—many of which are mom and pop businesses—through identifying their needs and then assessing the marketplace and suppliers to find them the best solution. Where other companies offer loans, they provide business owners with ways to get ahead of their debt, not accrue more. 

In many cases, Ferne Kornfeld and the team at Value Capital Funding are all that stands between small business owners and bankruptcy. With a deep-seated appreciation for the impact mom-and-pop operations have on their communities, Ferne feels a great sense of pride helping them rehabilitate their businesses.

Parallel to her career, Ferne Kornfeld is passionate about the female business owner community. She spends a great deal of time networking with other women, establishing a camaraderie that is mutually beneficial and rewarding for all parties involved. Being a woman in the business community, and especially within the commercial finance industry, Ferne had to overcome quite a few challenges, including learning how to communicate with male business owners more effectively. 

When she’s not working, you can find Ferne Kornfeld experimenting with new recipes and flavors while cooking in her kitchen. She has fond memories of baking butter cookies from scratch and decorating them with her grandmother. Though she cooked quite often as a child, she has only started experimenting seriously with cooking within the past few years. Most days, Ferne likes to try new recipes, but she also doesn’t dismiss tried and true family favorites like brown sugar salmon with asparagus, slow-cooker ribs, shrimp and crab boils, clam pie, and chili. 

For more information on Ferne Kornfeld and her passion for all things cooking, make sure to read her blog for tips, articles, and even some recipes!