Chicken is often the go-to easy meal to make for family and friends, but it has definitely gotten a bad reputation over the years. Sometimes chicken for dinner can seem like a bland, boring, and overall blah meal choice. If you love chicken and are looking for a way to spice things up, serve up these delicious and mouthwatering recipes for your next meal!

Mojo Marinated Chicken

Give your dinner a bit of Latin spice with this amazing Mojo Marinated Chicken recipe. This recipe smothers chicken in mojo sauce for an unforgettable taste. The mojo sauce is created through a mixture of orange juice, lemon, and lime which is then combined with oil, garlic, oregano, and cumin to form the perfect marinade. The chicken marinades in the mojo sauce for about 4 hours before being set on the rotisserie to cook. This Mojo Marinated Chicken recipe will have friends and family going for seconds, thirds, and fourths every time. 

Grilled Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken in Foil

Make your next family dinner an island vacation with this Grilled Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken in Foil recipe. This tasty chicken dish is super easy to make with pretty quick prep time. This recipe is simply a foil packet filled with soy sauce, barbecue sauce, and pineapple that pack the chicken breasts with mouthwatering flavor. The sweet and tangy pineapple barbecue sauce keeps the chicken moist with every bite savory. This Grilled Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken in Foil recipe is one you have to try. 

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Take your chicken to the next level with this Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe. This divine dish features pan-fried chicken breasts that are coated in breadcrumbs and stuffed with thin slices of ham and cheese. This is a great dish to bring to parties and sure to be a hit among friends and family. If you’re looking to make it for dinner, pair it with sides like garlic butter rice, a fresh salad, balsamic-glazed green beans, or roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Feel like a professional chef by making this tasty and flavorsome Chicken Cordon Bleu

Cumin Rubbed Chicken With Chimichurri Sauce

A delectable chicken recipe you’ll definitely want to add to your cookbook is Cumin Rubbed Chicken With Chimichurri Sauce. This recipe takes chicken rubbed in an earthy cumin spice blend, grills it to absolute perfection, and then is topped with a fresh chimichurri sauce. The heavenly chimichurri sauce is loaded with fresh herbs and leaves every bite bursting with flavor. If you’re looking for a dish to make chicken less boring, this Cumin Rubbed Chicken With Chimichurri Sauce recipe is the way to go.