While going out with your friends to your favorite restaurant can be fun, it can also rack up a huge bill. Luckily, staying in and hosting a small gathering can be enjoyable and less of a hassle on your wallet. To have the perfect night in, it’s always good to have a delicious cocktail in hand. While the drink you have at the bar may seem complicated, they’re pretty easy to make. Take a look at these easy cocktail recipes:


This is a classic cocktail that everyone will love, and you don’t need a professional bartender to make it. This tasty drink is made of a mix of high-quality aged white rum, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup or demerara. With a refreshing sour taste, you can hardly taste the rum. To make it on your own, check out the recipe here


Another favorite and a classic drink for everyone to enjoy is a margarita. This cocktail has simple ingredients of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. This is also a great drink to customize and make it your own with fruity flavors. Once you have your ingredients, simply shake it up to serve on the rocks or blend it to have a frozen cocktail. If you’re looking for a great addition to your next taco night, check out the recipe here

Bee’s Knees

If you’ve never heard of this delicious drink, you are missing out. This drink consists of gin, lemons, and a bit of honey. For first-time gin drinkers, this is a great cocktail to get acquainted with the taste. The sweet and citrus flavors give this incredible cocktail a great taste that will definitely have you pouring seconds. Making it at home is easy and you can find the recipe here.


With just three ingredients, you can make this bold and high-class cocktail for your next night in. This classic drink is made of a combination of sweet vermouth, whiskey rye, and Angostura bitters. For a nice touch of elegance, add a brandied cherry. Serve it up in a martini glass to make your night feel even more uptown. Make it for yourself by checking out the recipe here

Black Russian

If you’re on a budget, try making a black Russian. The main flavor in this drink is Kahlua, but it can easily be made with cheaper coffee liqueurs. Unlike a white Russian, this is not a dessert-like drink. Its ingredients are simply vodka and coffee liqueur served over ice. The ingredients can be adjusted to make the drink sweeter or stronger. To make it at home, check out the recipe here.